10 Reasons I Removed My Upper Kitchen Cabinets

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How do you have enough storage in your kitchen without your upper cabinets?

YO. That is one of my most FAQ from new readers or people who find my kitchen on Pinterest.

Yes, I'm a rebel. When we remodeled our kitchen, I removed some upper cabinets. I left some on one side of the kitchen (in my baking area and around the fridge) but I decided that I would be happier WITHOUT the rest.

Why would I do that?

How could I be happier by removing storage?

Here are 10 Reasons I Removed My Upper Cabinets.

And BEING CRAZY isn't one of them. At least I don't think so :).

1. I wanted to LOVE being in my kitchen and I really disliked everything about my upper cabinets.

2. My kitchen felt cramped. Removing upper cabinets opened up the visual space around the room, making the kitchen appear much larger.

3. Most of the upper cabinets were hard to reach.

4. The upper cabinets cast a shadow over the counters, making the workspace feel darker than necessary.

5. Drawers are more efficient for me than upper cabinets.

I only removed two single width cabinets from above the stove area, and one additional small upper cabinet that was awkward and not very helpful. The cabinets above the microwave (which is now in the pantry) was unusable due to a vent. When we first bought the house we removed one extremely awkward cabinet above the counters to the right of the sink area, so I had not had that cabinet for years. I could basically only reach the bottom shelf of each upper and I used them all for dishes. Since I prefer drawers, I decided to add drawers in place of the upper cabinets!

When the upper cabinets were removed, I added two new lower cabinets with six heavy duty drawers conveniently to the right of the dishwasher. They hold a LOT of dishes (four deep drawer cabinets for dishes and two wide shallow drawers, one for silverware and one for small plates.) We actually ended up needing only two of the four deep cabinets for every day dishes, the other two hold random things like our magic bullet blender and extra glasses.

6. I added an island for more storage. Our island isn't huge, but it has two shelves for some extra baking dishes and a few overflow items. It has two drawers we use for ziplock baggies.

7. I keep on hand only what we actually use on a regular basis, so I don't need to store excess or rarely used items in the kitchen. Actually, I take that back. We have excess stuff in a completely disorganized poorly used drawer to the left of our stove and a cabinet filled of random stuff to the right of the refrigerator. I totally could empty that drawer and cabinet and have surplus space if I needed it. But I have plenty of storage! If I don't use something regularly, I can either get rid of it or it goes out to garage shelves.

8. Removing the upper cabinets opened up the space so we could cover the walls with white subway tile, which  not only feels clean and airy, but it reflects glorious light into the room.

9. Removing most of the upper cabinets made it feel like I doubled my usable counter space — I find it is much more enjoyable to work at a counter without a cabinet overhead.

10. We made better use of our walk in pantry to increase our overall functional kitchen storage. The walk in pantry was dark and awkward before we removed the door and switched out the rubber wire shelves for more functional solid ones. Now we have plenty of space for organizing every day items and even space for extra serving bowls, so I really haven't once missed my upper cabinets!

So there you have it! Maybe I'm a little crazy, but at least I love my kitchen!

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