20 Small Living Room Improvement Ideas

Complete title of this video is actually 20 Small Living Room Improvement Idea and 3 Cheap Dollar Store DIY Projects. If you want to skip the list and jump directly to the dollar store tutorial press 10:19 ————- 20. Natural Finished Living Room (00.22) https://goo.gl/dE712N 19. Living room decorating ideas using Drum Coffee Tables (00.43) https://goo.gl/Qj8uxa 18. Apply Bright and Dark Colors (01.11) 17. Yellow Wall with Artworks (01.41) https://goo.gl/7hfDXz 16. Wild Concept Living Room (02.09) ttps://goo.gl/aQuGAE 15. Playing the Scale (02.27) 14. Traditional Living Room (03.04) â-º[3.28] I include dining room design idea as well Link:

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