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Cozy Australian Dream Home With a Strong Modern Appeal

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Dreaming of your own Australian dream home? Then you're in luck, because this modern suburban home has plenty of inspiration to offer. Designed by Craig Sheiles Homes in collaboration with Mick Rule, this spectacular home plainly known as Floreat 2 displays a compact contemporary architecture under the Western Australian sun. A modern architecture that uplifts the wishes of neighbors also plays with the owners' mood when they get home: “The façade consists of bold solids and filigreed detailing which are juxtaposed to provide simple forms and proportioned amounts of scale. ”

The black and white living room of this cozy Australian dream home sets the color palette for the rest of the spaces. Through these photos by Silvertone Photography, we see details that surprise the eye:  a textured and patterned choice of furniture and furnishings, a light-flooded staircase or a landscaped garden where privacy reigns. There's an intentionally seamless connection between interior and exterior spaces, one that extends the home outdoors: “Outdoor living areas are blended into the interior via frameless folding glass doors and an assimilation of flooring.

All living areas are designed to utilize passive solar principles and the mass wall of the staircase void operates as a heat sink to radiate heat back into the house. A simple palette of colors and materials provides a luxuriously relaxing interior which is finished in limestone floor tiles.” Elegant and welcoming, the home easily differentiates itself from neighboring residences.

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