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Flawless Restoration of Historical Villa: Huize Vreeburg in The Netherlands

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A new staircase provides the necessary grandeur for the interior. The workplace where all the trading takes place, is located in a round pavilion which is situated in the middle of the park and garden. It consists of a floating slab on which a wooden structure with a large free span bears a tin roof. Because the pavilion is fully glazed, it offers a beautiful view of the villa and garden, while the large overhang provides enough shade on sunny days. This pavilion is the heart of the company. The brick archive corridor with its sharp edges connects the pavilion and the old villa, a dark space with exciting vistas. [Photos and information provided via e-mail by HILBERINKBOSCH architecten; Photography: Rene de Wit / Rene van der Hulst]

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Extending a home to fit current needs is not to be taken easily. A modern home extension requires planning for future use and using what already exists to support that. An exemplary proof is Casa ATT by Dionne Arquitectos, a home in Puebla, Mexico, that was re-designed by the architects as a fuller, more nurturing collection of spaces. In their successful effort of renewing the outline of the house, architects integrated the new structure into the familiar floor plan by “generating clear transitional environments discovering visual axes and circulation leading to the new spaces.”

Plenty of socializing areas bring the family together: the new open social space, terrace and guest bedroom complete the necessary space and helps better organize the interiors. In addition, the terrace overlooking the garden connects the original volume with the new additions. In these photos captured by Patrick López Jaimes, the layout looks beautifully put together. From the front, the house looks private and once you step inside, details flood your design-hungry mind. According to the architects, “ATT House is a house in which a clear spatial harmony lives through environments that invite habitation.”

What do you think about this modern home extension? Can this home inspire you to extend your own piece of heaven? mo


The post Charming Modern Home Extension Re-Shaping Socializing Opportunities appeared first on Freshome.com.

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