How to decorate a living room on a really small budget!

Hurry Before It's Over: “Huge Christmas Giveaway over $5000 in Prizes – 2016!” https:// -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Some easy ideas to decorate and transform your living room on a small budget using colour and accessories. No painting required! My friend Jessica moved into her new home and as a house warming gift, I wanted to redecorate her living room! The plan was to make the space into a play room for her daughter Maddy, but also a great space for grown ups as well! Armed with just $200, I transformed this space just by rearranging the furniture and purchasing a few accessories. I think the best purchase has got to be the slip cover! I purchased the slip cover online from Walmart and it is AMAZING! It actually stays in place and looks great! With a can of s

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