Junk Room Turned Cozy, Bright Family Room Makeover | Living Room Ideas | The Home Primp

Do you have a corner (or, let’s face it — a room) in your house that’s reserved for things you just don’t have anywhere else to store? We’re here to help. In this week’s Home Primp, we collaborated with lifestyle vlogger Elle Lindquist whose loft space was a cluttered dumping ground without any real function. She wanted a space where her family could kick back and relax and also double as a place for guests to stay overnight. After getting rid of the pool and foosball table, there was such a bright, open space for us to work with. We set out to create a living room/guest room/playroom hybrid. Using removable wallpaper, Alexandra created an accent wall. She also hung a mantle that belonged to Elle’s dad, which instantly made the space feel more like a living room. And can

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