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Today is a very good day. So good that I'm posting TWICE heheh! (you can find my other new post here).

Seven years ago this July, I started a “blog.” All by myself, in my room. I didn't think about how to start, I didn't know how to blog, or what to post about to attract readers. I didn't even know what a blog was supposed to be like. I didn't have a strategy to be the best, or have Pinterest or eye-catching graphics or any other social media effort to pin or share my blog posts to get traffic and attention.

It was just me and my computer screen writing my heart out to … well, nobody.

Pretty soon a few people who I didn't even know started commenting. I was shocked. And happy. There were real people out there! I had maybe three readers and I was happy with that. Then in time I had maybe ten, twenty and thirty readers. Over and over again for seven years I posted words and pictures on this blog. I have shared the ups and downs of life and decorating projects going on at my home for people I didn't know on the other side of the screen.

But, you know what? You have become FRIENDS! KINDRED SPIRITS! It's really like I DO know you, like we have coffee together every morning. You've encouraged me when I've tried new things and spread my wings. You've laughed at my lame jokes. You didn't laugh too loud when I had decorating flubs or embarrassing moments. You cried with me when I cried. When I've had opportunities or successes you've cheered me on. And you've gently encouraged me to keep on going when life was tough. True friends are like that. 

So today I owe YOU all a big thank you … because YOU are out there being your awesome selves and greeting me every day. Because of you, I am just as happy and content to share coffee with you every morning as I was back in the day of three readers. Because you are still out there cheering me on, supporting me and believing in what I do here, I received some very good news today. Exciting news!

Readers voted The Inspired Room into the # 1 Readers' Choice Decorating Blog at Better Homes & Gardens Magazine. HOLY COW! That's crazy!!!!

I was REALLY honored to be included in the TOP FIVE Better Homes & Gardens Editor's Favorite Decorating blogs last week. That was pretty cool!

But there is something extra exciting and touching about being voted as the top Readers' Choice decorating blog — Better Homes & Gardens.

There are so many great blogs out there and I am by no means more awesome, of that I am sure, but it is nice to receive an honor nevertheless. I was definitely double checking my eyesight when I got the email! WHAT? THEY LIKE ME? (and BIG congrats to all the winners in every category, such great blogs!)

So, thank you.

From the bottom of my heart. From the bottom of my family's hearts. From the bottom of Jack and Lily's hearts.


And because we adore you, here is an awkward cell phone selfie of us that we took after we got the news. See? We all look pretty happy, yes?

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